Luyo – You’re My Delight

We are finally ready to release this much sought after soulful gem by Luyo, with remixes from legendary DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins and M&S!

Written by F.Luglio, W.D. Lewis, P. De Girolamo. Vocals by Wendy Lewis, keys by Peter De Girolamo, guitars by Stefano Malatesta, additional live drums by Valerio Vantaggio. mixed by Aki Bergen, mastered by Daniel Jaze @ Neurotraxx studios. Special thanks to DJ Ermi. Produced by Luyo for Double Cheese Records.

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Hallex M Collection

United Music Records is proud the presents Hallex M’s First collection including his productions and remixes from Tribe Records, Sole Channel, United Music, Melomania, Narcisos, Vida Records, Mwimbo…

This release also includes 1 never before released track, an exclusive remix a DJ mix.

Various Artists – Valentine’s Day Collection 2014

Love and Music fit together like chicken & waffles or kitties & catnip, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone on this planet who can’t live without some form of either. On this fourth installment of King Street’s Valentine’s Day Collection 2014, we venture into the many moods of the day, and explore some of the light and dark whims of both worlds. For those who like their love (& house music) a little tough, we got a few cuts that’ll please a few black hearts, while pumpy mid-moody remixes get tossed in and feel-good groovy gorgeous melodies give the listener the full spectrum of Love and House Music’s versatility. Soulful stunners like DJ Meme’s remix of Namy ft Stephanie Cook’s “Im Not Ashamed,” Sean McCabe’s re-rub of Kimara Lovelace’s classic “I Luv You More,” DJ Spen’s AfterBirth Mix of Heather Johnson’s “Under My Skin,” Chris Perez & Louie Gorbea feat. Queen AaMinah’s “Somethings Gotta Give,” DJ Pope & Lynette Smith’s “Addicted,” smooth you out, while deep and tech housey sounds by Jerome Robins feat. Linda Newman “Real Love” (Soneec Remix), Alex Ander & Deep Grounder feat. Virag “Tonight,” and Ananda Project “Falling For You” (G-Pal’s New York Vocal Mix) make the heart grow somber. More aggressive tracks like Rui Da Silva’s Mix of Ananda Project feat. Nicola Hitchcock “Can You Find The Heart,” Alex Kenji’s mix of Malena “Amame,” Noferini & Marini’s mix of “This Luv Is Real” by Jamico feat. Jackie Cohen, show the darker side of love on the dance floor. Eighteen tracks in all fit according to the many tempers of Love & Music. Nonetheless, we hope your Valentine’s Day is Happy and Beautiful!

Various Artists – Soulful House Journey

Part of the beloved Sole Channel music camp, spearheaded by the renowned Mr. V, West Coast House producer William “Reelsoul” Rodriguez has already seen a fair share of remixes for us at King Street. From Kimara Lovelace’s “How Much I Love You,” to Urban Soul’s “Love Is So Nice” to Ananda Project’s “A Second,” to jams like Stephanie Cooke’s “It’s Like Nothing,” and Cookie Monsters ft Michelle Weeks’ “Spread Love” and more, his mixes have all hit the global soulful dance floors with great appeal. He now brings some of his sweet flavor to the East Coast with his first full length mixed comp. Now fifth in line following past compilers Frankie Feliciano, Hector Romero, Groove Assassin and Sean McCabe, Reelsoul seamlessly blends over 2 dozen cuts to bring you the latest installment of Soulful House Journey. On it you’ll hear the above-mentioned Bonus Cuts and deep-in-the-well tunes like Groove Box’s “The More You Want,” Mood II Swing feat. Carol Sylvan “Closer,” LY’s “Back 2 Zanzibar,” and Kimara Lovelace’s “Misery,” to the more recent Prosix’s “My Deep Dream,”Yass & Fabio Aurea’s “Popovka Morning,” Sydney & Lukez’s “The Only Thing We Are” and others. He caresses the hearing with melodic peaks and rhythmic valleys far and near on this deep and soulful 80 minute journey. Of course it wouldn’t be a King St comp if it didnt include a track by Kerri Chandler, Dennis Ferrer, Blaze & Joi Cardwell, or Studio Apt ft Monique Bingham, but he does his due soulful diligence to include them all here. Mr Reelsoul weaves all of these eras and styles into his rich musical tapestry with ease, keeping an even flow and a beautiful energy throughout. Strap yourselves in but not too tight; You’ll need some room to wiggle.

Tracy Hamlin – Free

Silvia Zaragoza and Erin Leah – Just A Girl

Sizzling and smoldering in your mix crate was the original version of “Just A Girl”. Now, Quantize Recordings delivers a remix package that expands on the original mix. The lyrics are a poetic declaration of womanhood that hypnotizes you in its content and style. Erin Leah writes a pure gem here with her original style and perspective. You and your audience will love the message and the interpretation. These mixes delve into the infectious groove and develop Erin’s perspectives in an amazing way.
In this package are remixes from Dj Spen, Silva Zaragoza, Ian Friday and the Soul Twins. Each gives you more than enough arsenal to assault your dance floors and ears with integrity and musical expansion.
Dj Spen remixes brings the afro centered rhythms and drums to the forefront and bounces in a direction he is known for with several mixes that enhances the work that the song already has intricately woven. Silvia Zaragoza new remixes drive with the passion only the original producer of the track knows how to do with flair and artistic redevelopment. It layers synths, keys and drums to take the original to a new level, first with a vocal mix, then with an exciting dub. To add to this remix package is a driving Ian Friday Libation Remix. Ian’s “Latin” feel and percussion masterpiece adds one more viewpoint that you will sure enjoy. Add in the Funky Soul Twins remixes and you got one slamming remix package chocked full of delights.

Various Artists – Quinstrumentals vol.1

Various Artists – Bargrooves Apr S Ski

The Bargrooves year would not be complete without our annual trip to the slopes. ‘ Bargrooves Apres Ski 3.0’ is the perfect place to kick off the New Year with a stylish mix of upfront house sounds as heard on the more discerning dancefloors and in the finer aprÚs ski lounges around Bargrooves’ favourite mountaintop destinations.

Containing two bonus mixes from Bargrooves A&R, master compiler and veteran of vertiginous clubland, Andy Daniell, this edition is an album of distinct halves. The first mix suits a pacier descent or a full throttle venture onto the dancefloor whilst the second side provides the soundtrack to a mellower ride or a more soulful backdrop to loungier post piste activities.

Big driving basslines for big air dominate the first mix. Route 94 enjoyed a breakthrough year in 2013 and here we include two of his productions; first up is his remix of MK’s 1992 classic ‘Always’, a huge floor filler so far this Winter, which is followed by a compilation exclusive, ‘Walls Come Tumbling Down’. The unmistakable influence of one Ben Westbeech reaches across the album with his latest Breach hit, ‘Everything You Never Had’ whilst his vocal features on the Jazzanova track ‘I Can See’. Right now, however, there is perhaps no bigger bassline than the debut from GotSome featuring The Get Along Gang. ‘Bassline’ has been building up a real head of steam across the club charts and is due its full commercial release this spring.

A thread of quality soulful voices runs throughout the deeper sounds of the second mix. From the word go, Camo & Krooked’s ‘Loving You Is Easy’ joins hooky strings and big piano chords to a classic soul vocal, whilst ‘Holding On’ from James Fox features the intimate voice of Vanity Jay. With a career track record that demonstrates his various different talents, Donae’O’s knowledge and experience of both house and R’n’B make him the ideal cohort to produce fellow R’n’B singer/songwriter Terri Walker on her track ‘He Loves Me’. Further highlights includes a pair of DFTD label tracks; J.Cub delivers a thunderous deep houser set off by the perfectly paced vocal of Sarah Story, whilst Berlin producer Aaaron’s well-rounded roller ‘Feelin This’ picks matters up a little with its heavy snares before slowly introducing a distorted looping vocal that never fails to get people moving.

As the Ski Season gathers pace, Bargrooves AprÚs Ski 3.0 is the ultimate soundtrack to any discerning clubber’s winter holiday.

Michele Chiavarini & The Jazzcodes – The Music Tells Me

Various Artists – Finest NY House 2013

2013 marked King Street’s milestone 20th Anniversary, and we continue to celebrate the 2 decades worth of collaborations, remixes, re-issues with some more kick ass dance floor biscuits by some of the best up & coming as well as legendary talent in House Music. Finest NY House 2013 brings together 35 tracks, including 3 unreleased dubs on King Street Sounds, Nite Grooves, and Street King all on one retrospective comp. Consisting of electronic dance music styles ranging from Tech House, Classic-styled House, Progressive, Nu Deep, Disco and beyond, this collection features brand new unreleased tracks by UK House producer Aaron Ross , Italy’s Deep Character & Mad Boss feat. Big Daddy and revered Japanese producer Namy & his Top 10 BIllboard Club hit with the reigning queen of House, Barbara Tucker. The other 33 tracks are simply more of this year’s best recaps of DJs, producers, and remixers like DJ Spen, Bah Samba, Sean McCabe, Yass, Ananda Project, Bejamin Shock, Tuccill & Kiko Navarro,Danny Krivit ,Louie Vega,Director’s Cut and many, many more. Also including bonus Continous mix by Go Kiryu. Go Kiryu has been playing “718 Sessions” & “Deep Space” as a guest DJ. Also he played as opening DJ for “Body & Soul” & “Maestro” release party. He has released “Magic”, “Come Unto Me”, “We Can Make It” from King Street Sounds with Naotake Gunji under FCKS. This comp is just another shining example the label’s ongoing testament to find fine producers of many genres who love to share their unique and innovative studio styles.

House For The Homeless – We Can Heal

We Can Heal” has finally come to the world. House For The Homeless are a united front of artist, producers, and remixers that have linked together to give the world a healing, an insight, and a voice that addresses the homeless crisis. The long list of singers, musicians, and producers that are extensively dedicated to this organized charitable project is unbelievable and heartwarming. Included in this first of four editions of “We Can Heal” are a Frankie Knuckles & Eric Kupper (Director’s Cut) mix, Dj Spen & Gary Hudgins mixes, a PlayOne Remix, and a Rhemi Dub. All proceeds go to charity helping relieve homeless people, children, and families. Thank you Barbara and so many more for your perseverance to aid others. And thank you in advance for your part of delivering the message of empathy and love in House!

Various Artists – The Unreleased Mixes vol.1

Suldynamic – I Wanna Be More

Tugging at your soul, Quantize Recordings next release is Souldynamic featuring Taliwa- “I Wanna Be More.” This package is soulfully driven and steering straight to the dance floor. Souldynamic (Luca & Stefano have been producing music since 2000 and their first Quantize Recordings release brings fire to the close of 2013. It has what QTZ believes in and stands behind: positive messages, banging drums, and an underground groove with musicianship. Vocalist Taliwa brings her sweet, soulful, and melodic gifts to “I Wanna Be More” and conveys the search and conquest of wanting to be more. A victory, an independent and inner statement that we all can relate to. This package contains an original mix that ebbs and flow through transitions and movement, a Club mix that gives you the serious underground grind that is solid in the groove, the Dj Booman & Dj Spen percussive mix that is combines deep and afro percussion, and Dj Spen’s New Jersey Hump Re-edit that delivers a pulsating synth groove laced with hypnotic vocal riffs. Souldynamic shows that they know and love the fusion of soul and underground and this release only emphasizes that these guys have a message of soul, underground, and love to share with the world. Quantize is honored to share their talents with you.

Various Artists – House Loves Disco

Various Artists – Ezase Afro vol.2

MArc Evans – The Supernatural Communication EP

It’s here! The long awaited single releases from Marc Evans’ Soul Descendant Lp. Leading the package is the soulful “Supernatural” remix. A message for all music lovers. This original production is star studded with musicians and live production recordings that you seldom hear on dance music these days. It funks, grooves, and jams with a vibe that we could only capture in a live session. You will definitely roll through the credits in amazement. Adding to this release are the remixes of “Communicate”. Giovanni Ikome & Frankie Foncett, AK Roots Mix. take the song to a killer modern bouncy drive filled with synths and driving drums that they are known for. Following behind it is Dj Greg Lewis’ remix which captures the original LP mix and drives it with punch and flair onto the dance floor. This mix showcases the smooth keys of Gary Hudgins and the creativity of Dj Greg Lewis giving Marc a bouncy bed of music to lay his classic sultry vocals of love and disappointment. Not to be overlooked is the “Dj Greg & Dj Spen Change Of Plans Mix” and “Darker Dub” that go even more elaborately into the banging elements of Greg’s mix swelling and ebbing into dance floor exhilaration. Wait! There’s more! As a bonus, we have also include Alexander Madden’s Electro house mix of “Supernatural”. Alexander puts a Electro spin that shows his passion and love for the global sound. This multi-release communicates in a supernatural way that you are sure to enjoy!

Quantize Quintessentials vol.6

Quantize Quintessentials 6 : Compiled & Mixed by Luis Radio

Joining the lineage of DJ/Producers that have performed on Quintessentials is Luis Radio, which means the passion and the total devotion to House Music. Luis has acclaim in every aspect of house/dance music around the world. He currently is the resident at Room 26 in Rome and has produced a myriad of remixes and original productions. This Quintessential mix shows his skill, creativity, soulfulness, and precision. In the mix are selections that are soulful, peak, and artistic perspectives that he chooses and mashes into a programmatic blend that will move your feet.

Bargrooves Deluxe 2014

Bargrooves finishes the year off in true style with Bargrooves Deluxe 2014; the latest selection of luxury house from the perennial and unequivocal leading compilation series at the stylish end of the house music scene. Featuring no fewer than 45 tracks, the list of acclaimed artists contributing their musical wares includes MK, Dennis Ferrer, Osunlade, Kings of Tomorrow, Noir & Haze, Deetron, Huxley & Shenoda, NiCe7, Dusky, Route 94, Sonny Fodera and GotSome. In addition the compilation includes three exclusive mixes from Bargrooves’ master compiler and international DJ Andy Daniell to make for the ultimate accompaniment for any music fashionistas festive season. This selection delves into the deeper spectrum of house and kicks off with Osunlade’s stunning ‘Dionne’ before moving into Dusky’s recent Beatport chart-topper ‘Careless’, fast-rising star Route 94’s ‘Tell You Why’ as well as the incredible collaboration between Name One & Maxxi Soundsystem ‘One In Three’ before hitting the thunderous drop of Huxley & Shenoda ‘I Don’t Know’. Celebrating a more classic flavour is the seminal ‘4 You’ from MK’s 4th Measure Men alias which sits comfortably amongst more contemporary anthems such as Guti & Mark Fanciulli ‘The Light’, FCL’s Gentil Remix of Rachel Row ‘Follow The Step’, Noir’s mashup ‘Around The Bane’ and the recent techy-vocal masterpiece from Yousef ‘I See’ (Shadow Child Remix). Finally, Andy Daniell hits you with some main room vibes with Kings Of Tomorrow featuring April ‘It’s Only You’, a reworking of NiCe7’s ‘Bassline Soldiers’ by burgeoning German producer Sable Sheep before Copyright’s summer hit ‘Sacrifice’ makes way for a remix of Lee Edwards & Storm’s ‘Take Me Away’ from DJ Mag Best of British 2013 Breakthrough Act nominees No Artificial Colours. Comprised of the very best of what 2013 has had to offer, as well as offering some of the freshest cuts for the year ahead, Bargrooves Deluxe 2014 is simply house music of the highest quality. Representing a wide variety of en vogue sounds the compilation is the perfect ‘party in a box’ for both the discerning clubber and DJ aficionado alike.

Various Artists – Naked

Naked is the first volume of a compilation series showcasing some of the best instrumental mixes from Double Cheese Records catalog. Containing exclusive mixes of forthcoming releases from the likes of DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins, Mangesto and Quietboy, the album is a chance to rediscover instrumental mixes from Lenny Fontana, Luyo, Tony Loreto and Mark Di Meo, Vittorio Santorelli and more showcasing their “naked” beats in this lushious music selection.

Nicolas Bassi – Sweetest Sin

Pablo Fierro – How Could I

Hailing from the Canary Islands and fast becoming one of house music’€™s most revered up and coming producers, Pablo Fierro has seen a lot of success since inaugurating his music career at the ripe age of 16. When he is not releasing on his own label Vida Records the young Spaniard can be found on some of the industry’€™s most commendable imprints, including both Noir Music and Defected Records, and his latest release is dropping on one of electronic music’€™s most recognised soulful brands; Soul Heaven Records. €How Could I€™ maintains the calibre consistent within the imprints string of releases to date by staying true to the soul agenda conceived over a decade ago between the collaborative minds of Little€™ Louie Vega and original label owner Oli White. The Spaniard’s production is overflowing with praise house vocals, touches of electric guitar and upbeat sunshine vibes that signifies Tenerife’s jovial take on the deep house paradigm. The result is a glowing and charismatic number suitable for beach bars and superclubs alike. In charge of remixes is long term Defected affiliate DJ Spen whose flair for gospel house makes him the perfect man suited for the task as he supplies two separate cuts to accompany Fierro’s. Both loaded with bounce, the longstanding producer expertly crafts an energetic hook that could only be imagined by someone as experienced and dexterous as himself. The ‘E3-E5 Mix’ acts like a dub whilst the remix concentrates more on the soulful vocals to give the cut hip-shaking, arm-raising appeal that feels like a blast of fresh air coming from one of Baltimore’s finest artistic minds.

The Peppermint Years

A part of the Peppermint Jam family from 1994 – 2001, Boris Dlugosch made a name for himself as an exceptional DJ and Dance music pioneer. This album is a musical journey that celebrates Boris’ time with the label by revisiting his great club hits, ‘Hold Your Head Up High’ ‘Keep Pushin’ On’, and the ground breaking remixes of ‘Never Enough’. They all made the last 18 years such a magical time in Dance music history….

MoHo Vaults Vol.2

MoHo Vaults Vol. 2 is a re-mastered Groove Junkies Collection containing over 75 minutes of MoreHouse Records essentials (incl. a bonus Album DJ Mix crafted with love by GJs Evan Landes).

The Vaults series delivers soulful, sexy, deep and uplifting House music from MoreHouse Records vast and impressive back catalogue. In keeping with the series concept and high standards, the second compilation focuses on material from 2010 to 2013 produced by Groove Junkies venerable front man Evan Landes; arguably his finest work to date. Vaults Vol 2 features an amazing array of international vocalists, producers, musicians and remixers whose immense talents are on full display throughout the compilation. Each song has gained the support and critical acclaim from a whos who list of todays most influential tastemakers. ENJOY!!

Tokyo Calling

The Hype

Tokyo’s thriving music scene has proven to make one of the most sought-after cities in the world for performers. Especially House music devotees who are the true connoisseurs of the genre and as we’ve experienced first hand, many artists from the USA will come back time and time again gleaming from the sheer outpouring of love and support they get from the fans with every performance. King Street has been on the forefront of East meeting West dance music collaborations and nowhere has it been more evident than on the Tokyo Calling compilations. Three have been issued so far since the first in 2001 and this year we’re proud to release the 20 Years Essentials collection in honor of the anniversary. Twenty choice cuts like Chieko Kinbara’s “Changed My Life” (Code Red Vocal), STUDIO APARTMENT feat. Joi Cardwell “Love Is The Answer” (Reel People Club Mix), P%u2019taah feat. Miho Hatori “Tears And Light” (Kuniyuki Remix), Boyd Jarvis “Don’t Deny Love” (Mondo Grosso Edit), Ananda Project feat. Shakima Moore “Bahia” (Kyoto Jazz Massive Mix), Jephte Guillaume Presents AK “Shining Your Way” (A Danny Krivit Edit) and many others. Come and join us in this milestone cross-cultural dance music celebration!